Sandbridge Day School

Sandbridge Community Day School has been providing child care for over 13 years in affiliation with the Sandbridge Community Chapel UMC in Sandbridge, Virginia Beach. The community center hosts infant care, toddler programs, preschool programs, kindergarten enrichment for Red Mill Elementary students, and before/after care with homework help for Red Mill students in 1st – 5th grades. In addition, the community center also provides a summer camp program designed to foster friendships, inspire creative summertime fun in the sun and encourage kids from all over to appreciate living on the shore of the Atlantic.
The preschoolers at the Sandbridge Day School learn new skills and abilities as well as enjoy hands-on learning through play. Children, infants-5 years, build skills that enhance their readiness for school while being in a caring, secure and social environment. Red Mill Elementary School Kindergarten Enrichment taps into re-enforcement of kindergarten skills and allows the children to have free time to enjoy their friends and be creative. Sandbridge Day School is located on the Red Mill Elementary bus route. After school kids receive help with their homework and are allowed to unwind from the day by playing games, having computer time and outside play.
Sandbridge Day School takes pride in their creative curriculum which includes many opportunities for early literacy, language arts, mathematics, emergent writing, alphabet and alphabet sound recognition, rhyme, phonetics, many opportunities for both gross and fine motor development, and life sciences. The Day School utilizes their close proximity to the ocean to encourage the children to learn about habitats, ocean life, explore the beaches and to embrace childhood memories of living and learning at Sandbridge Beach.
For more information on our Monday-Friday, half day or three day programs please visit the Sandbridge Day School website or call 757-721-2401. Don’t forget to inquire about our exciting summer camps too!
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