Sandbridge Community Chapel Youth Group

The Youth Group meets once a week throughout the entire year. We stick to the Virginia Beach City Public School schedule. In March, we kick off regular Sunday night youth group meetings for middle and high school students from 6:30-8:15 pm in the Community Center. We offer a wide range of opportunities outside of regular youth group meetings. These range from local Friday night off campus special events to service opportunities with JCOC, summer mission trips, weekend retreats, Sunday School, Confirmation, High School Bible Study/Leadership group and girls small group meetings. In the summer, when school is out, we suspend our Friday night missions and begin Surf Club. We meet every Saturday morning from 9-11 am for a time of surfing/swimming, hanging out and a sermon and prayer. Our mission is to provide a mentally, physically and emotionally safe environment where students can grow in their relationship with God and one another through various opportunities.

Spotlight on Youth Confirmation:

Confirmation is for those in middle school. Confirmation is a practice in the Methodist church whereby a student, when they become of age, may confirm their baptism they received as an infant. It is an 8 week long course that meets once a week as a large group. Additionally, once a week the student will meet with their mentor to discuss what was taught in the large group and review their journal questions. Topics taught range from the basic tenets of Christianity to the the specifics of Methodism.

Youth Surf Club:

Come with your family and enjoy beach fellowship during surf club from 9 AM – 11 AM every Saturday. There will be a short sermonette around 10 AM. All ages are welcome; a signed waiver is required for every child who attends. Youth age 12-17 can be dropped off. For children under 12, their parents must attend with them. No surfing experience necessary. Bring your own board or share one of ours. We have a few soft top boards for people to use. We meet at the church parking lot and walk over to the beach at the Bonita access.